This Home Page is dedicated to my long lost
hobby, motorcycling.

My last serious trip on my Kawasaki GTR1000 had been several years ago somewhere mid 90s, together with my brother on his Kawasaki Zephyr 750.
Back then we paid a visit to Filzmoos Austria and the year after to Venosc in the France Alps. We had plans to go to the Dolomites in Italy also with MTC Zaanstreek, but unfortunately they stopped organizing the travels.

Several years my bike has just been standing in the garage, my brother being married and not joining me on trips was I think the main reason. In 2005 I took the challenge and subscribed to join the GCe Rally in 2006.
Being in the garage for several years hadn't been good for my little friend. After a few things that had to be done he was ready to go on the road to Sweden.

In the past the pages were on a home based server, so speed could have been lacking. Since 2009 the pages are hosted by a hosting provider, so speed shouldn't be an issue anymore.

Nevertheless, have fun and have a great time visiting this website!

As can be seen in the banner, since October 2009 I'm the proud owner of a Kawasaki 1400GTR. My total bike counter came with this on three.

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